Monday, August 29, 2011

(winner winner) Chicken Dinner

The last couple weeks my cooking has been pretty basic; lots of lean meat, veggies, and brown rice or pasta (mainly because I want to feel bikini-ready for South Beach this weekend.) Yesterday I had a handful of tasks to accomplish and errands to run, and the thought of using the stove or oven in the recent LA heat wave was less than appealing. I decided to pull out the crockpot and try this recipe. The ingredients were all items I had on hand, and served with some steamed veggies and brown rice* I had a really delicious and hassle-free dinner. What are your favorite go-to recipes for an easy and nutritious dinner?
(the chicken was so soft from cooking all day it literally
fell apart when I picked it up with a fork)

*I always cook my brown rice with chicken broth instead of water and I think it does wonders for the flavor

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