Monday, August 1, 2011


This past weekend was such a fun and eventful couple of days. One of the highlights was definitely discovering another awesome little LA gem with my best friends. Nic's Restaurant and Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills is a super cute spot with really good food, great ambiance, amazing cocktails and an awesome live band. One of the best parts was the VodBox, which is essentially a big walk-in freezer filled with tons of Vodkas from allover the world. The Nic's staff provides their guests with fur coats and hats and leads them into the icy locker for tastings. With flavors like banana cream pie, cinnamon, creme brulee, and bacon (I was super excited about this one), I don't know how anyone couldn't have a blast. I only got a few iPhone pictures, but all the more reason for you to go check it out yourself :)

 Me with my bacon shot in the VodBox
 Shrimp and Oysters

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