Friday, March 4, 2011

Simple Things

It's Friday night, and I am perfectly content staying in, eating pizza, and watching old (but still fabulous) Sex and the City episodes. This week felt like it was at least 10 days long, so I cant wait to have a lazy evening at home and catch a full nights sleep. Below are a few of the things that made me happy this week. Hope you have a lovely weekend!
My favorite soup to make when the weather is a little chilly. I love the flavor of the lemon and the chicken together. Recipe found here (I usually add a lot more carrots and spinach than the recipe calls for, and I use rotisserie chickens to make it extra easy and flavorful)
My 13 year old 'kittens', Cinders and Smokey who somehow make my bed more inviting and are always so accommodating when I feel the need to smother them with affection.   
Adele's new album. So good. Love her. Buy it.


  1. jess!

    i responded to you in my post but i wanted to make sure you would read it so i wanted to say thank you for that sweet reminder to look into the beginning of my blog. i've grown to love and appreciate it so much and it was fun to go back and remember when i first started :)

    also, that soup looks amazing and i love adele :)

  2. Hi Camilla! You are so very welcome! =] I've really enjoyed the things you've shared on your blog! Thanks for visiting mine =] I'm just getting started. Have a great evening!