Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Lately.. According to my iPhone

Life's been awesomely busy ... here are some pictures to show for it.

 "Chakra" jello shots from our yoga teacher training potluck
 Im a certified yoga instructor now!!!
 Thats me .. happy.. at Coachella
 I've been reading outside on my lunchbreaks..
and making friends with critters like this guy and a praying mantis or two
 My Easter Sunday was spent right here. It was perfect
 I've been eating pretty clean and feeling amazing as a result.
I enjoy putting energy into preparing good fuel for my body.
This was home made tuna salad in butter leaf letuce wraps
Greek yogurt, flaxseeds, granola, and a little honey.
 I'm addicted to these little treasures from Trader Joes.
 I bought a mint plant (and rosemary and thyme).
And now I have extra refreshing ice cubes for cocktails.
Mojito anyone?
Radiohead at Coachella. I love them. I love Thom Yorke. They were so good live
Ground turkey, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, brown rice, and a lot more Italian seasoning than the recipe calls for.  
I'll make this one again for sure

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