Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buffalo Exchange

On a recent trip to Buffalo Exchange , I made a purchase that I'm still really pleased with. I'll start by saying that I'm a purse fanatic and the perfect little black leather bag is something I've been in search of for a while. I couldn't be happier with this find because this bag is awesome in many ways.
  1. Size: big enough to hold all my necessities, but not too big so I overload it with stuff and it becomes ridiculously heavy (which I've been known to do)
  2. Strap: its long so its just right for the cross-body look which I love because its casual and comfortable yet chic
  3. Color: can't go wrong with black
  4. Material: soft leather. amazing
  5. Hardware: it's gold which I think looks really classy with black leather and it matches my jewelry since I wear primarily gold lately
  6. Quality: Its a really well made Zara bag and in great condition even though its obviously 'vintage' (I have no idea why someone would part with this purse!)
  7. Cost: I paid $30 for this bag which could have easily sold for $200 originally!!! I still can't get over that price for such a nice leather item
So as you can see, I'm so happy with my little vintage treasure and although the fine folks at Buffalo Exchange opted not to buy anything from the 2 huge bags of clothes I brought in (jerks), it was well worth the trip for this find.

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