Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Goals

I'd like to thank fellow blogger, Camilla for motivating me to jot down some goals for myself for this season. While I feel like I'm always struck with the desire to accomplish random new goals at various times during the day, I usually neglect to write them down, remind myself of that great intention I had, and follow through. So here goes :)
  1. Give myself a little extra time in the morning to prep for the day instead of snoozing multiple times and eventually rushing out the door ( a bad habit that has more or less remained with me since Jr. High)
  2. Eat fewer processed foods. More veggies, fruits, and lean meats that really fuel my body right (preferably locally grown, grass fed, organic, etc.. all that good stuff so you're actually getting the nutrients and vitamins and not the hormones)
  3. Study real estate AT LEAST 5 hours a week
  4. Feel happier and more inspired during my work-week, whether that be in a new job or just a different approach to my current one.
  5. Continue my new habit of long jogs outside, and really only utilizing the gym for kickboxing and pilates classes.
  6. De-clutter and organize my room.. including my closet.
  7. Cook more- I love experimenting with new recipes when I have the time (usually Sunday nights)
  8. Put money in savings every week for travel and moving
  9. Volunteer at a retirement center or animal shelter (I recently signed up to give monthly donations to the Humane Society , which I feel really good about but I'd still like to feel more involved in these things that mean so much to me)
  10. Host a fun potluck/casserole night with friends at my house (recently my friend Sam confessed that she's never had a casserole.. which we all thought was crazy and decided a casserole potluck was definitely in order)
  11. Try to give myself even just 10 minutes a day to catch up on the news (something I feel forever behind in)
  12. Have more fun with my wardrobe. I have SO many great clothes, but I tend to rely on old faithfuls like my favorite American Apparel v-necks and skinny jeans.
  13. Sleep. I think somewhere between 1.5 hours of commuting everyday, an 8-5 job, a decent exercise routine, studying for a potential career in real estate, and of course all of the other elements that go into my days, I've come to definitely require my 8 hrs of sleep a night to be at my best.
It feels great to get these down on paper. What are your short term goals?

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